Years ago, I left the PR agency world to start consulting.

Almost immediately, the majority of work (if not all) came through my personal network. Sometimes it was so abundant, I would share overflow opportunities to my PR friends and colleagues. And sometimes, it wasn't - so they would do the same for me.

During those not-so-abundant times or especially when traveling, I deferred to the Web. I would search contract + freelance PR jobs, and it was a mess. I was taken to 10+ sites, many of which weren't interesting, relevant or even vetted well.

But sometimes, I would find gold: International startups, established agencies looking for support on big ticket names, or solopreneurs looking for oversight and counsel on strategy. It even gave me the opportunity to try my skills out in new industries that I wouldn't have attempted before.

I started sending weekly emails to PR friends with my favorite contract PR jobs that I'd find, as well as those that came through my personal network. After becoming a PR author/instructor for LinkedIn Learning, my personal network grew even more exponentially. With that exposure and credibility, I now had access to more contract PR roles, to share. 

The list grew. The demand grew.

And here we are. Welcome to Contract PR Jobs: the centralized, curated and aggregated list of contract PR gigs, for PR contractors like you.

Here's what happens next:

  • Every Friday you will receive an email with the top 8 Contract PR jobs that simply caught my eye. They are broken out into three categories: Corporate, Startups and Agency Support. Some are remote, some are exclusive to this list only and all are curated with care.

  • Every Tuesday you will receive something helpful to assist you in your solopreneur journey: PR tips, how-to articles on running your own shop, how to bill yourself out, and so much more.

  • You can visit at anytime, and find jobs from the previous weeks. I don't have control over knowing if they have been filled or not. The password is samanthajones (one word!)

Happy to have you here!

Andrea Holland
Founder, ContractPRJobs
Founder/CEO, DialedPR
LinkedIn Learning PR Author/Instructor